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So yeah, Southern Ontario got hit with an ice storm Saturday. I went to class Friday, couldn’t make class Saturday and the gym was closed because of the weather Sunday. It’s Monday afternoon as of writing. I’m not sure if I can even safely get to class today, given that a lot of government services […]

I have absolutely no idea whether this is true, but I suspect The Karate Kid both made karate and ruined it. What I know for sure is that The Karate Kid ruined the modern world. Seriously, read that article in the link above. Go on. I’ll wait.

I’ll be honest — I took a day off training on day three. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to go to class, and I was willing to push through the aches and pains in my legs.  But extensive internet research suggested this is a bad idea if you want to develop strength in new muscles. […]

I have a story about how Muay Thai came into my life. It’s kind of dumb. I was watching my brother play this game, True Crime: New York City.  It was bad, but I liked it if only because you controlled a cop and didn’t necessarily have to keep things clean. My playthrough featured a protagonist […]