My name is Richard, and I’m a journalist and writer from Ontario, Canada.

I’ve never really “belonged” anywhere. When I worked for the government I didn’t feel like a bureaucrat. When I was in the army I didn’t feel like a soldier. And when I briefly ventured into stand up comedy I definitely didn’t feel like I was funny. In fact, I’ve since confirmed that I wasn’t.

Always, no matter what I’ve done or what I’ve tried, I’ve felt like some random guy who’s just having an experience – who’s just trying out and exploring “things” to understand them. I dabble, and that means I never really master anything. But being good at the things I try isn’t the point. It’s about having the experience, learning from it, and sharing it with all of you. Expression is what gives my life meaning. I’d also like to think it’s the one thing I’m very good at.

That’s why I’m a journalist.

The world is an interesting place. I can’t say I’ve ever been bored because there’s so much to learn, experience, and share. This is a place where I can share what I learn and experience with you.

While nothing is off the table, my main interests are politics, military history, geography, mental health and mental illness, martial arts (incl. boxing and MMA), the media industry,  and anything that gives me an opportunity to self-deprecate.

On that note, I was a philosophy major.